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What we are looking for

We bring most exciting fashion brands together under one roof. We open our doors to show talents that are blessed with an exciting uniqueness. We cater even to the most edgy brands with a small commercial audience.

Why? Because the world deserves a wider variety of designs.

We are looking for unique and outspoken products. Quality and originality are the most important features.

Do you have what we are looking for?

Our mission is to make that all the brands affiliated with our community, increase their position and commercial development in the world through our marketplace.

Our benefits

Beyond the limits of the traditional design conventions we create the right conditions for upcoming brands to be discovered. By removing the obstacles between brands and fashionistas worldwide, we enhance a more personal connection.

  • Connect to a fashion loving target audience worldwide
  • Expose your products on a new platform
  • Get found by press and profit from our PR exposure worldwide
  • Offline exhibitions
  • Manage your own shop, orders, customer relations
  • With your store on our marketplace you can expose your designs to the whole world.
  • E-commerce + Marketing Digital memberships. With us, you improve your presence in the digital world. We promote and create content about your brand and your products in our blog and social networks. Also, We have personalized services in digital marketing for fashion brands.
  • Increase your sales & sell in dollars! Get new clients worldwide in our community. You can sell your products by piece or wholesale.
  • Advice in logistics and international trade
  • Storage and distribution in Mexican territory
  • The best: More than 88% of every product sold goes to you* (It depends on the membership you choose, contact us for more information)

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If we accept you to sell on our markeplace you will hear from us within 48hrs.